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Failed to add new printer in Debian Wheezy

Serhii Potapov January 27, 2013 #linux #debian #wheezy #printer

After migrating to Debian Wheezy (current test Debian repository) I faced a problem with installing a local USB printer: on attempt to add new USB printer (HP LaserJet M1005) I got an error message: "Failed to add new printer in Debian Wheezy" ("Не удалось добавить новый принтер" if you have Russian localization).

After googling for I a while I found a good workaround for it. All you need is to use pk-helper package from Sid (unstable Debian version), since it seems to be buggy in Wheezy.

So add Sid repository to your /etc/apt/source.list:

deb sid main non-free contrib

And reinstall cups-pk-helper package using Sid repository:

aptitude reinstall cups-pk-helper --target sid

That's all. Now try to connect your USB printer. Btw, there is the bug report.