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A blog about software development.

About me

My name is Sergey Potapov (aka greyblake), I'm a rust and ruby developer as well as Linux fan, located in Berlin. My favorite text editor is Neovim =).

I am an open source enthusiast and contribute to variety of projects in Rust, Ruby and Crystal. Also I maintain my own as well.

My craft is web development, but my interests in computer science are much wider. They include computer linguistics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, system programming and algorithms.

In spare time I travel, play guitar, rink, learn foreign languages(Esperanto, German, Spanish), fold origami and try to make the world a little bit better.

You can follow me on Twitter and GitHub.

About the blog

Sometimes I feel like I have to share something I've discovered. That's how this blog is being written. You will find there a number of interesting articles about Rust, Ruby, Linux, Vim and some other hackers' stuff.