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Announcing Crystalium organization

Serhii Potapov August 20, 2017 #crystal #opensource

Hello, dear Crystal community!

I discovered Crystal in December 2015. It was so exciting, I wanted to learn! And the best way to learn a programming language is to use it. So I started looking for what is missed in the Crystal ecosystem and what would be interesting for me to implement. That's how I ended up with 6-8 crystal projects in my github account, that seem to be used by other people.

Since that my life and my interests have changed. My focus moved to different things I'd like learn, and I see I don't have enough time to maintain properly the projects I started. Some of them have opened issues and pull requests for pretty long time. I thought I will address them in few days.. or in few weeks.. But months passed and this has not happened. So I have to apologize.

I recall "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" book by Eric S. Raymond, who said that if one can not maintain an open source project it should be transferred to anther maintainer if possible.

So I've decided to create Crystalium github organization, where I moved some of my projects:

If you'd like to become a member of the organization and maintain some of these projects in collaboration with others please let me know by sending an email to blake131313 at gmail.

If you are a designer and you'd like to create a logo you are welcome as well.



I got an invitation to move the projects to crystal-community what makes sense to me. I believe it's a better option, than creating another separate organization.